Welcome to the Nexus Networks Community wide discord!
This discord is run by the Senior Management Team of Nexus Networks

These are the rules!

General rules -
- All Nexus Network Community wide rules apply here. (Ex. DDoS Threats are perm ban)
- No trash talking other communities this isn't the place for that.
- Do not abuse any permissions you are given inside of the discord.
- Do not excessively swear in any Serverwide Discussion Channels.
- Do not threaten / disrespect other players or staff.
- Do not post any personal information

Chat rules -
- No spamming (This includes messages, images links)
- NSFW content of any kind is strictly prohibited. (This includes gore, pornography, etc.)
- Advertisement is not allowed (Forum posts, other discord servers, twitch streams/channels, YouTube channels, etc.)
- Racism is NOT tolerated
- Do not post any personal information of someone else in chat. Doing so will result in a ban from this discord, and a ban from the server.

Voice Chat Rules -
- Do not play any music through your microphone, use bots for this.
- Do not spam switch into voice channels.

Bot Commands -
- Do not abuse any of the bots commands
- Do not spam the logs with constant deletion of messages / editing of messages

Violations of these rules can lead to a Temporary/Permanent Ban, Temporary/Permanent Mute, Kick, Or Loss of Voice Chat Permissions
(These Rules are still a Work in Progress and are subject to change)

Join now to explore the best of the server!!! https://discord.gg/WYX7XQTKrV